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Hi looking to help out a few ppl. Im looking to get my hands on a set of fog light. looking to borrow a broken set for the porpose of a DIY. Repair done for free.

Or if you are local to toronto/mississauga area then i will pickup(if you want to upgrade them to lexan to prevent a breakage! i will do it for you for free). If you already replaced them and have a set kicking around i'll buy them or if you like give them to another member(pay the good deed forward.)

Im at the dixie 401 area. Im looking to get a set of the latest model of RL the TSX or the ILX which i belive all use the same lights. ive hit up dealers but they all chuck them after billing the poor customer $500!! haha.

if you have a half decent set with the refector not too badly chewd up i'll buy it off you for $30 shipped. beer money ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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