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Why The Acura ILX Has Been Slow Out Of The Gate

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Here's an article by Jalopnik on their thoughts regarding the ILX. Interesting read.

American Honda executives have admitted the ILX has not had the strongest launch. They acknowledge that the base 2.0-liter engine is a bit underpowered, and only offering a stick shift on the improved 2.4-liter engine has deterred shoppers.

Still, once the ILX got its balance, the car has run near a pretty steady 2,000 sales a month, a bit shy of its projected sales rate. Inventories are a little high, about 90 days. But neither result is anything to cry over for a new entry still finding its way.
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I'm kind of intrigued that Honda expected to put the world on fire with the ILX. While it's still a great car, it's didn't entirely set itself apart from the other cars in its lineup.
Acura/Honda has been falling off for a while. First the 9th generation civic, which they improved greatly on, then there's this, the ILX. Doesn't seem like they have done anything better for 2013, maybe better luck for 2014?
I dont feel like Honda has fallen off at all. They're not the trailblazers they once were.. but I have a hard time seeing it as they fell off.
I wouldn't exactly say they are falling off but I woudn't say they are climbing in the charts either. If anything I would say they are stuck and at a kind of stand still. They need to make a bit more progress to show and draw interest from consumers. The ILX won't be doing to much on the sales but their next hope falls in to the TLX. Hopefully they make enough of a difference with that.
The ILX was not very popular just as the CSX is not very popular.

The cars still sell well but because people see them as a Civic they are a hard sell.

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Like cfrp said.. it's just the stigma of being based on the Civic platform.
They're still reliable and affordable like they've always been. They've just become predictable in the last few years.
That is true they didn't really bring any big surprises to the table but hopefully that new NSX and TLX could shed more light the brand. The thing is about Honda and Acura still has the stereotype to be the more reliable car but not too much more than that though. Acuras are also known to be expensive brand new but serve a better purpose for consumers to buy second hand.
Acura can still make the ILX cool, i'm patiently waiting on them to release a performance version of the ILX. I strongly believe it's only a matter of time till it happens. How could they not start some new performance initiatives when they have a great opportunity to. Plus last I checked, Acura wanted to improve people's image of their brand.
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