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Hello all,
Its time for me and my wife to get a new car, and we are quite fascinated by the ILX.
The only thing that I have been thinking about is that its not very spacious, specially the leg room in the back seat.
In fact, how is it different from a fully loaded Civic sedan, which is priced at 23k+? The horsepower on the ILX is slightly higher, so the difference is not that dramatic I believe.

What made you choose the ILX over another vehicle like a loaded civic, or a 2014 mazda6? I love this car, but am not IN LOVE with it, so your opinion will help :)
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Pictures are worth a thousand words...

Hondas and Mazdas dont look that good.
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That first picture is great! very nice photos.
For me, I liked the extra amenities such as HIDs, heated leather, keyless push button start and wanted a lux look vs sporty (was debating si sedan).

Both cars are good choices, it's really a matter of preference
If you think they both look okay to u and u don't care or could live without some of the ilx options, I say just get an si or exl and save about 6k, good luck!!
Some people feel the additional status of the Acura badge means a lot, and they would be right.
We love our ILX the previous photos are great. We chose Metallic black with Parchment Leather interior. My Husband and I also ordered the top of the line HYBRID with Tech package. We've had the car over a year with no issues. Never regretted buying our ACURA. Civic is a great car but its still a Civic. I've owned a Mazda, a good car but not inspiring. I've have three friends that looked at mine and bought one. Grey 2.4 premium and Garnet red 2.0 Tech package plus Blue Standard.

Take a look at them in real life,
Thank you all for your responses. I have about 10 days before we will buy, so I will see how I feel about it till then. :)
The ILX is very similar to the Civic.

it's got more luxurys compared to the civic.

The Mazda6 is in another category of cars. Its larger. Not a huge fan of Mazdas. Even more of a rustbucket car than Honda.

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^ Mazda 6 are nice, just no my cup of tee. I'd go for mazdaspeed3 but the transmission and reliability are not as good as my ILX
Have had my Garnet Red, Premium package ILX for 2 months . LOVE IT! Wasn't looking for a "hot rod" but with a background in road racing I was surprised at how quick and nimble this little sedan is. Luxurious but still a little rocket for a small four.
^ Mazda 6 are nice, just no my cup of tee. I'd go for mazdaspeed3 but the transmission and reliability are not as good as my ILX
Why isn't the mazda 6 your "cup of tea"? just curious

The new Mazda 6 is actually one of the best vehicles in it's segment at the moment
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