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Why Do You Like the ILX?

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So what is exactly about the ILX that you like? What separates it above the rest of other cars in its segment? The pricing, style, features? Or maybe a loyalty to the brand? I'm curious what exactly it is about the ILX that appealed to you?
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I've always been a big fan of Honda and Acura growing up. And when I heard that Acura was making a spiritual successor to the Integra that is when the ILX caught my eye. I followed its development and I liked what I heard. That price was right and I went for a test drive. I bought it and I am one happy customer.
Compared to the other cars in it's segment, mainly the Verano, the Acura ILX looks far better inside and out. Plus it's an ACURA, meaning buy it, and don't worry about it. Can't say the same for the Verano, a vehicle from General Motors. We all know how horrible ownership with those cars can be.
When it comes to the ILX, what appeals to me is Honda reliability and affordable luxury.
I really like the ILX for its looks but most importantly the Honda reliability. Im sure you all know this but the majority of honda vehicles run to 250-300kms. Now thats something to look forward to.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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