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Which D.O.T. rating brake Fluid do you use for your ILX?

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Which D.O.T. brake fluid do you guys use?

Would you guys ever run a D.O.T. 5 brake Fluid or just run OEM D.O.T. Spec fluid?

Though ive herd of a ton of people running RBF600
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i would never run a DOT 5 brake fluid way to much work, that brake fluid as awesome as it it, it needs to be changed out very very often! as it is silicone based and very corrosive, I have herd ton of great thing about the RBF600 and i would just generally stick with that as well!
^ That RBF600 is very good.

Do not run DOT 5 in Honda OEM systems the only compatible brake fluids are 3,4, and 5.1
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