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What was your first car?

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Is your first car the Acura ILX? If not what was your first car???

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First car was a nissan altima for high school. Then saved half for an integra. No shots of the nissan. It was stock. But heres the integra.

Ilx is the first car in my name.
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Not an Acura, but close enough. My first car was a 96 prelude. Once I crashed that I got a 2006 Civic Coupe.
I had an FD3 RX-7 which was short-lived so really my first car was an 04 Mustang.
I had an EF Hatch civic which was amazing. I wish Honda built cars up to its quality these days. I think them moving production to the states and nations outside of Japan has killed it's quality.

Sold the EF long ago when its rust got too bad. :(
1965 Chevy Corvair; it would run on $2.00 worth of gas and a quart of oil per week
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1996 windstar and it died within a year, then Acura csx tech and now ilx tech
This isn't it but it could be it's twin :punk:

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As I'm not originally from North America, my first car was a Peugeot 206.
2001 Civic Hatchback. It was the best car I ever owned. Unfortunately, it quickly found it's place in the junkyard. Moral of the story, don't lend your car to your dumbass brother.
Same here. I've had the pleasure of owning a Civic and a Prelude. It's all about the Honda.

Oh yes my first car was a 1985 Hyundai Pony. It was a hand me down and lasted me through my teen years. Back seat was out to good use quite a few times too. I got to say if anything Hyundai build solid rear seats and material did wear out either.
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My first car was a 1994 Acura Ls coupe. I remember when I first got it all of my friends loved it and always wanted a ride. It was a great car but the only thing it was lacking was a bit more horsepower. Then the GSR model came out in 97' and I kicked myself. after I just passed it down to my brother in highschool and never looked back.
1965 Chevy Corvair; it would run on $2.00 worth of gas and a quart of oil per week
Your picture looks like it could've been MINE. Bought a red '63 Spider in Denver, tried to drive it
to Chicago and blew it up in Hayes Kan. Left it there and took a Greyhound bus the rest of the way.
You're right about $2.00 in gas and a qt of oil/week!
The first car I had was a 89' Honda civic wagon. It was the ugliest brown color you would have seen at that time, but the cabin space surprisingly sufficient. I hauled a lot of things in that car and then eventually when I got my dog he made the back seat his so now one wanted to go near the back. i decided to let it go and now just own a 1997 Acura EL. I've been looking at the ILX for a while now and even test drove it. Just waiting for my fiance to come back and make the approval. then I'll have more input about the ILX like you guys.
92 honda accord, 5 speed manual :biggrin:
i loved that car!
Currently driving a 2009 Acura CSX but my first car that I actually owned was a 92 Honda Prelude SRV. I still miss the car till this day. Whenever Acura decides to come out with the ILX coupe I would get rid of the CSX in a heart beat but now ill just keep a close eye.
1966 Pontiac Grand Prix in high school. Black with red leather. Handled like jello but what a looker. Only one in school to have one.
93 Honda civic Si Hatchback then shortly after that was a 93 Honda prelude SRv.
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