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What's up guys.

My girlfriend bought the 2015 ILX 2.0 when it was released in 2014. We just hit 24,000 and change mileage when the car showed an A-12 Dealer Service Code. We took it in today and they explained the A is standard, 1 is for an oil change, and at 25k the 2 is for filters, belt check, and air intake cleaning. They explained the A1 would cost $79.95 and the A2 would cost $149.95.

My girlfriend is proud of her purchase and since then has always wanted to make sure she has it serviced by the Acura which until now just meant $80 oil changes (with a free car wash). I just couldn't sit there and allow her to pay $150 to replace filters that cost about $40, check a perfectly good belt, and clean her plenum so I stepped in and said I'd do it.

The service guy made it out like I was going to destroy the car by doing it myself but I know that the engine filter is super easy to replace and the cabin filter is almost easier. He told us the filters would be between $80-100 so we weren't paying much for labor. I walked over to parts and they quoted me $40 as I initially thought for the engine and cabin filters. After that the service guy started speaking in what sounded like a foreign language until he mentioned "you need to clean the plenum and ensure you don't get any debris in the engine or it'll ruin it".

So here's my question. I know what the plenum is and understand you don't want gunk and debris going into the intake but is there a special way to do this on the ILX? Basically I want to make sure this guy was just trying to scare us into paying Acura for a service that I could easily do myself. I haven't taken the plenum apart since we just got home but has anyone else cleaned theirs?

Oh, something else that is interesting is when we picked up the car and asked the parts guy about cleaning the plenum he gave us a perplexed look and said "do we really even do that for an A2. I mean I can go and find out if they really do that but I haven't heard that". If it's unnecessary, I don't want to take it apart and clean it which may lead to needing a gasket, picking up throttle body cleaner, brush, etc. if necessary I'll do it. My girlfriend didn't want him to go ask because we already heard from our service tech that it's something they do... But was he lying or misinformed?

Any guidance from those experienced here would be appreciated. What are you thoughts? Thanks guys!

Merry day of Christmas ;)

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