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We Hear: Acura’s Future Includes TL Hybrid with 45 MPG, No ILX Coupe

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Though Acura’s drive to reach first-tier luxury status may be over with the exception of the upcoming Acura NSX, the luxury automaker’s future includes a handful of updates to get sales moving in the right direction. Along with expected debut dates on Acura’s best-selling MDX, take a look at Acura’s potential future below.

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No coupe variant of the Acura ILX is on the way, but an Earth Dreams four-cylinder engine replacing the volume 2.0-liter ILX is a distinct possibility for the car’s refresh. Depending on the ILX’s sales performance, the Acura TSX could become a much lower-volume model. The report mentions the possibility of the TSX continuing as a limited-production V-6 model to remain between the ILX and TL.

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