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Want window visors? Tell Acura and hopefully they will produce them :)

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Hey Guys,

I know its a long shot, but I thought I would try to get as many ILX owners involved I have called Acura Client Relations to request Widnow Visors for the ILX and the representitive advised me to subnmit the idea to their email too. I thought I would post the info here to try and get as many owners as possible to do the same to try and show them there is a market for them if they decide to produce them

Phone Number: (800) 382-2238
Email: [email protected]

It just takes a few minutes and it would be awesome if we could get them to go ahead and make them for the ILX

Thanks John
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You mean they don't sell OEM visors for the ILX? Blasphemy.

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Yeah and based on the feedback to this thread, nobody else cares :( I know people sent request to weather tech or whatever and I posted this to hopefully get those same peeps to request it from Acura. Hopefully sales pick up they do produce them, it would be cool to also reduce wind noise with windows down, but I like them mostly to be able to crack the windows when the weather sucks.
I sent them email, twice different email account :)
I did too, and had wifey do it too... Lol
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