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Hello to all,

My name is Darryll and I leased a 2014 2.0 Black on Black. I am excited to be back in a new Acura. My 2002 RSX was the best car I ever owned and the worst mistake I made was trading it in. It was modded excessively, but I dont plan on doing that to this one. I do however want to add a CAI and some kind of lip kit and down the road add fogs. Car was purchased in Tucson, AZ and is being delivered to Las Vegas this weekend. I will post more pictures when it gets here.

Below are a few shots of my RSX, along with my 325 ci and GMC P/U. BMW was stolen and the GMC's frame cracked from wheeling too much

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sedan Mid-size car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Personal luxury car Convertible
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Rim Luxury vehicle
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Coupé Personal luxury car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Waterway
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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