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unusual shaking at high speeds

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A few weeks after purchasing my ILX, I noticed shaking while driving at high speeds on the freeway (70+ MPH). Took it into the dealership and was told that "it's just the characteristic of the car."

Has anyone noticed the same thing?
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That is not right. Dealership is fooling you. Try to explain the shaking. Is it from the steering wheel or coming from the road? Are you sure it's not the road?

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First thing to check would be wheels, they might be bent, that's the most common problem of a car being shaky. Then move up to the suspension if it's not the wheels.

Try a different dealership.
The dealership is putting you at risk by saying it's a characteristic of the car.. take it back up their and have them put that in writing.. ESPECIALLY if they didn't inspect it. Could be the wheels are on wrong, bad alignment, tires might need balancing.. it could be a number of things. But, TAKE IT BACK up there.. if they try to say it's a characteristic of the car tell them to put that in writing and that they didn't inspect the car for any issues. Then.. call Acura. Your car is not supposed to shake..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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