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Trip Computer low-balls remaining MPG?

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A few times I've filled up when the miles remaining on the MID is ~10 but I only fill up 10.5 gallons. I understand it's probably on purpose so people dont try to push it too far and run out of gas. Is there another warning after it gets to 0?
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I've actually driven for like 10 miles with the indicator saying it was 0 miles left in the tank. There is a reservoir. I believe its like 5L or something. It's not something I would play with though.. Just fill up when the light goes on. :cool2:

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I also read on North American cars, they give much more leeway on how much gas is in the tank after hitting empty. In Europe and Asia, it is more accurate. Not sure if this is true for the ILX though.
Honda's have always had reserve tanks. On my s2000, I was at 0 gas left, and was still able to drive about 35km before I got too paranoid as I was white knuckle driving thru the mountains scrambling to find a gas station haha!
Fill up BEFORE the light goes on.
Engines dont like to have to tell you to fill them up.
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