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The maintenance of the car wiper blade

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Summer rain, many regions at this moment the most busy is your car wipers, but many drivers find wiper use time long will not be able to clean the glass, not only damage the glass is easy to keep out the line of sight. Here, the vehicle maintenance expert provides several tips for everyone, attention to these points, make sure your wiper use three or five years is as good as new.
If you normally use in large dust wiper, then soon you will find wiper cottony unable to clean the glass, and leaves a lot of fine water mark. Then don't worry, as long as you find a piece of 2000 water sandpaper (no. 1500 to also go, waterproof abrasive paper generally at a hardware store to buy, the price is not expensive), back and forth on both sides of the wiper film carefully polished, especially a comparison on the glass left scratches places burnish a few times more, so wiper can recover.
If there is car in big when the sun insolates, remember to put the wiper re-open, such wiper film won't force, can slow down the ageing process of film.
Every morning on the bus, some people like playing with a wiper, then must do a few more stir bar, let the wiper fluid spray a few times more, so can reduce the dust on the glass and wiper film, reduce film is little probability of sand dust and scratches.
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Where do these people come from?
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