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Looked at the ILX when they first came out in 2013 and was somewhat impressed but money wise I didn't think they were worth while. In between that time I financed 2 cars. Currently I have a 2011 Lincoln MKZ AWD 50,500k. It's getting to the point where I am concerned about the PTU since it was replaced at 42k and the brakes/rotor will need replacement very soon. With this said I believe this is the peak time to sell my car.

So I considered leasing but I have never been sold on the idea plus my girlfriend will be learning to drive on this car so her driving a $45k leased car scares the poop out of me. Found a 2015 ILX base blue, CPO, demo car, 4900k miles, looks to be in great cosmetic shape, from Ralley Acura. Preferably a 2016 would have been dope but out of my price range.

Assuming I get my requested trade in value of $13k ish I will have around $4750-$5000 worth of equity and a $750 down payment, so hopefully same monthly as Lincoln at $400 a month. I have been approved by Acura financial, hoping to get 1.9%-2.45% APR 48 months. Car sticker $23,500, negotiated down to $22,600.

Normally I would only finance a used car for 24-36 months but since this is a 2015 with sub 5k miles so warranty and everything is intact. I know the short coming of the 1st gen ILX but find it a very practical premium/luxury car. What do you guys think of this deal?

In perspective with my trade in I was looking at a 2016 ILX lease, 12k miles a year, nothing down (all trade in) roughly $250 a month 36 months.
Lexus was looking at a 2015 IS 250 AWD and Lexus NX200T 12k miles, nothing down, roughly $350+ a month.

I just think year wise, warranty wise, and MPG wise and not having to worry about over millage and having equity down the line is better than a lease.
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