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Acura is a brand in transition. The first fruit from the transitional tree is the Civic-based ILX. This car is entering what is rapidly becoming an emerging segment — one that is likely to continue to grow if the price of gas continues to rise. There are many potential purchasers that want luxury but also want to tone down on the cost of operation — ultimately, this involves downsizing. The ILX, along with the likes of the Buick Verano, is designed to cater to this change in taste.

As is to be expected, the ILX, particularly the Technology trim, comes loaded to the nines — everything from full leather and heated seats to a power sunroof and backup camera is in place. The highlights are the navigation system (notable for its mediocrity) and a loud, proud 360-watt sound system. Beyond playing one’s favourite tunes with remarkable clarity, the audio system also provides noise cancellation. In a nutshell, it generates a sound that counters the obnoxious one in much the same way as noise-cancelling headphones. The ad
Road test: 2013 Acura ILX
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