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I am looking to buy a used 2013 Acura ILX 2.0L. I am looking to buy a relatively new luxury brand car under $20k and after going through my options such as Lexus Ct200h, Bmw 320i, and some other ones I decided to go with ILX because it has a good balance of power, appearance, luxury, mpg, space, and reliability.
The one I am looking to buy is the fully loaded Technology package. My question is about the screen display on the dash.

Does the Tech package 2013 model in the US have a bigger screen display than lower trim levels? I watched a youtube review of the car with tech package and the guy said that the tech package has a bigger screen but I can't find that video anymore to watch again and make sure and also I am not sure if the guy was in the USA or maybe Australia or europe. I Know the base model and premium come with kinda of a smallish 5" display but I am not sure about the Tech package. I'd greatly appreciate if you answer my question.

PLEASE NOTE: I know that on the tech package the screen gets bigger when it is on navigation but does it stay at that size at all times?

Also, if you have a 2013 2.0L model, please share your experience on how you like your ILX and if it has been a good car to you.

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