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I am not new to Hondas and I did search.

I come from owning a 1995 Integra GS-R (DC2) years ago. I have come to find out how difficult it is to modify my car. Integra parts are a plenty but for ILX you have to basically use 9th gen SI parts, but they don't always fit. Here is what I am trying to do:

I want to stay emissions compliant for now.

Short Ram intake w/ heat shield
Cat back exhaust and eventually full down piped exhaust
Lower car 1-1.5" (preferably on coilovers for the adjust-ability, but would consider springs)
Stiffen chassis (Stiffer sway bars, tie downs)
Lightened flywheel and stage 2-3 clutch
Short throw Shifter
K-Tuner/Hondata (My understanding is this will give me back good throttle control and will overcom any codes thrown with mods)

From the research I have done most everything you can do will throw codes once done (lightened flywheel, anything you do to the Pre cat/down pipe area, and CAI are too much work to install).

Does anyone make a carb legal high flow catted down pipe?

What advise or resources can anyone give to me?
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