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Performance or Luxury?

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This new entry-level Acura, based on the Honda Civic platform - which is one of the best, period - is priced to attract new customers to the Acura brand. The Acura ILX might represent the beginning of a resurgence of the Acura brand, which has been languishing for a few years in the face of stiff competition from Lexus and Infiniti, but more importantly, from BMW. Honda has to decide what the Acura brand wants to be when it grows up - performance or luxury?
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I think Acura seems more like a luxury brand to me. The car itself lacks some of the design chops that its competitors have. You can tell that it is based on a Honda (which often look pretty boring.) Instead of trying to blend in I think Acura would do well to take a bit more of a risk with its vehicle design, or else it will become just another generic luxury car.
I think that they are leaning more toward Luxury with the Hybrid tech which I own and like a lot. I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't a great car. The 2.4 is obviously the performance version. With the new Acura models coming out I believe they are leaning more towards luxury. No protruding exhaust pipes and styling that is familiar to the brand as a whole. Acura is becoming more (easy tech) oriented as well. Dual screens etc. I've said it before, I'm a BMW 535xit owner and I will never give up the car till the wheels fall off. You just can't duplicate a Bimmers driving and performance dynamics. Hope I answered your question. Car Nut
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The 2.4 may be the "performance version" but Acura... and it's entire current line up are luxury cars. The ILX being their Entry-Level Luxury Car. Acura has made many press releases stating their main competitors are Lexus and BMW. Since the ILX has made its debut we've seen german luxury manufacturers following suit. Mercedes has launched their 30,000 dollar entry level luxury sedan to compete as well as Audi is soon to release their A3 sedan to compete in the same area as well.

If you ask me, when ACURA makes a move and two high HIGH end German manufacturers... did I mention how HIGH end they were?.. follow in their foot steps; than you know Acura has made one SOLID step toward being a big name in the luxury industry.
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I rather have Luxury in a Acura. Honda/Acura have proven that serious performance is not what they are about, nothing bigger than 6 cylinders and only a couple RWD vehicles, most FWD.

So if im going to have a "slow" car, it better be well equipped with all the luxury and tech i can have
Oh god the ignorance.
Compared to the competition I don't think Acura is especially good at either luxury or performance.

They are a good blend of both at a low price.

That's the way I look at it.

Even the 2.4L has its downfalls when it comes to performance.

Solid drivetrains and good reliability = thats what i know Acura for.

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