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Honda has applied for patent on the Acura ILX for the Chinese car market, meaning the ILX will likely be launched in China soon. Honda currently sells the Acura MDX, RL, TL and ZDX in China, competing directly with Lexus and Infiniti. All three together however, the Japanese still don’t sell as many luxury cars as any of the German three alone.

The ILX will be imported into China, just like the rest of the Acura range. Interestingly the ILX is only made in the US, and not in Japan. The ILX is based on the Honda Civic sedan, production started in April this year. In the US the ILX is available with 1.5, 2.0 and 2.4 liter patrol engines. The 1.5 will likely be considered too small for the Chinese market. Price in China is expected to start around 250.000 yuan.

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