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Parking/DRL lights

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Anyone know of a parking light/ drl bulb that will more closely match the factory HID appearance? Also what is actual bulb number? Book says its a 5 w, I know there are alot of bulbs (194 pretty much) that are the same that will fit into that but I wanted to make sure I had it right. I'm hoping to get an led bulb or something to put in that will match the HID.
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I want VLED's turn signals.. that switchback is sooo nice.. but we dont have clear corners available yet :(

Anyone willing to cut the amber lense out of their headlights so we can see what it will look like!? :rolleyes:
It will look good, now get too it, cut that sucker out, put a switchback LED in and show us how it looks :D

I actually think the amber could just be taken out. Going to have to find someone to clear them or wait for aftermarket company to provide clear ones. If I were to open the headlight I would also swap the lens to a clear lens.

Can anyone post photos of the projector cutoff at night? What projector does the ILX run?
I should be as easy as taking off that outer lense and unscrewing the screws for that cover if any. I think it would be even cooler if we could some how make that piece clear again or "white" with a switch back LED behind it just so the light is dispersed nicely.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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