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New member- show me your wheels !

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Hi, I recently purchased a 2014 ilx w/ k24 & 6 speed. Originally said I was going to keep it as a stock daily but I couldn’t control myself. Just finished installing coilovers and now looking for some wheels next if anyone has any pics of their rides.
here’s my daily ilx and my supercharged Elise

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hi nice one and thanks for sharing your experience keep in touch for future updates
Congratulations on your new ride! Upgrading your wheels can really change the look and feel of your ILX. Before purchasing new wheels, make sure to do your research on offset, bolt pattern, and size to ensure they fit properly and don't cause any rubbing or clearance issues.
As for photos of other ILXs with aftermarket wheels, there are many options out there. You can check out online forums or social media pages dedicated to ILX enthusiasts. There are also websites like Fitment Industries that allow you to search for specific wheels and see how they look on different cars, including the ILX.
Your Elise looks amazing, by the way! Best of luck with your ILX modifications.
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