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New Member Here

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New So Cal ILX 2.4L owner

I just wanted to take a sec to introduce myself. My names John and I purchased my Bellanova White ILX 2.4 6spd about a month ago. I have started to mod slowly but surely (having a wife and three kids tends to slow things down a bit...LOL)

I have been building Hondas and Acuras since the early 90's and have worked on just about every tuner type car either with/for friends or at buddys shops. Hopefully I can contribute and learn alot about this newest addition to the Honda Acura family. I have owned and modded/built a 1999 SI, 2004 S2000, 2008 EvoX, 2010 SI, 2011 Fit, 2012 WRX, and now the 2013 ILX. Wifey has owned 2000 Civc EX, 2006 Element, 2008 Accord LX, 2011 Mazda 3 2.5 Hatchback, and currently driving a 2013 Explore (that we will be trading for a Pilot or MDX soon as money permits)

I look forwarded to meeting a lot of new peeps!


Oh yeah I frequent other boards too all my screennames start with neveronline but the have ended with (si, s2k, evox, wrx, fit, frs) If I know you from another board feel free to say whats up :tongue:
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Welcome to the forum, John. Your lineage of Oriental machinery is quite impressive! I think
you'll love the 2.4.
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LOL! Thanks for the welcome!

for the record I have owned three american makes (a 1976 AMC Pacer, 1980 Pontiac Bonneville broughm (sp) and 1981 Ford Fiesta... needless to say thats was enough) and worked on many older ones from the 60's, 70's and I spent a summer working for a guys that worked on jaguars... LOL their old V12's ate headgaskets like nothing like crazy!
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