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Politically, South Florida is more liberal than the rest of the state. While less than 10% of people in either North or Central Florida felt their area was liberal, over a third of South Floridians described their region as such. 38% characterized the area as conservative; 26% as moderate.

How many US congressmen are from Florida?

List of members of the Floridian United States House delegation, their terms in office, district boundaries, and the district political ratings according to the CPVI. The delegation has 27 members, including 16 Republicans, 11 Democrats.

Current members
  • 1st district: Matt Gaetz (R) (since 2017)
  • 2nd district: Neal Dunn (R) (since 2017)
  • 3rd district: Kat Cammack (R) (since 2021)
  • 4th district: John Rutherford (R) (since 2017)
  • 5th district: Al Lawson (D) (since 2017)
  • 6th district: Michael Waltz (R) (since 2019)

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