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New ILX owner Toronto!!!!

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Whats up guys and gals if there are any lol.....
Just signed the papers for a BPW Premium for the wife and i have to say i did like the car from the initial pics, then saw it in real life and was hooked......White seems to be the colour of choice with this car from what i have seen but the dark grey what ever it is, is also a sweet colour. Pick it up on the 28th as its replacing her 2009 TSX premium. It was a good car but she wanted something smaller so we got this guy. Dealer is Sterne in Aurora, second car purchased with them, very happy with the salesman. Other then that im stoked to see this forum so i can get some ideas on tweaking this thing asap!!! My car is an 06 Si coupe, im still in the boy racer phase of my life hahaha

This is my ILX, there are many like it, but this one is i watch to many war movies

wating in the cold for me
Cheers M
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Great to have you on the forum!
Thx man good to be here
Is she a 2.4L or 2.0?
Its an auto gents the 2.0l, its for the wife for xmas, she wanted a new car so i had to oblige lol
Congrats and welcome!!!!1

Our ILX was an anniversary present to my wife back in September :punk:
congrats on picking up an ILX, great color choice
Congrats and welcome! Got a BPW Premium myself in Markham, haven't seen many BPW on the road but I think we will soon!
Home at last, sitting with its cousin

Tomorrow i debadge it lol
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Looking good! Surprising its not that much bigger than the civic coupe. How does the cabin spaces compare to the civic?
Is that an FG2 ?
Home at last, sitting with its cousin

Tomorrow i debadge it lol
full debadge? or partial?

I always liked when people remove the model name badge and left the car maker badge.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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