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New canadian owner

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New ILX owner from Moncton NB Canada. Bought a 2014 ILX Dynamic. Love it so far
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Welcome to the forum.

What other cars did you look at before deciding to go with the ILX?

I hope you haven't seen the new Mercedes CLA, it might have you regret your ILX purchase :D
Congrats and welcome
what was the out the door price on your ILX? were they willing to negotiate the price down?
I didnt even try negotiating my price down. I guess I should have :(
I walked in and test drove a 2.4 and a 2.0 tech. Made my choice then told them the color and options I wanted and when they got it I leased it.
@ ILX-Fan- just saw the advertisement for the Mercedes CLA, at first I was regretting just purchasing my ILX but I got the TECH package out the door lower than what you could get that CLA at the base with no NAVI. Still like the ILX interior better
Congrats! and welcome to the forum. How much did you end up paying out the door for the dynamic package?
Color is black. 2014 so it has the tech package in it. I'm not much of a modder so it will probably stay as is. May add the door sills at some point.

They brought the price down by 500$ because it had been driven by a salesman before. Did get though 2% off the lease rate since my previous car was a Acura :).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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