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So I dropped the ILX off at Progress Technology in Placentia CA for Anti Roll bar test fit and road test and I am in awe at the outcome...

Many people don't know about Progress they are in my opinion one of the best kept secrets in the Honda and Acura tuning community. Progress has been around since 1995 so they are by no means a new player in suspension tuning. They specialize in Anti Roll Bars (both adjustable and non adjustable), Springs, Coil-Overs, Camber Kits and etc...

Anyway onto the review:

First let me start by saying my cars is bone stock other than a few minor mods and an axle back exhaust, but prior to this addition there were no suspension mods on my car not even lowering springs. I was really looking forward to Coil-overs first but for review purposes I think it worked out better since I can now fully appreciate what an anti roll bar actually does for the suspension... All I can saw is WOW!!! The difference in body roll is amazing I would have to say that body roll is reduced by 70-80% at least... the car handles turns so much more aggressively then when completely stock. I left work a little early to go up into Anaheim hills and throw the car around a little and took it to an empty lot to pitch the car from side to side and it really is a blast to drive (for example I am easily taking sweeping freeway on ramps at 7-10mph faster than before) the car feels so much more planted and it feels much safer when driving aggressively because the lean on this car when stock is fairly significant (actually one of the things that frustrated me the most about the ILX, specially after driving a 2013 SI aggressively).

For looks Coil-overs will no doubt be the favorite out of the two but for fun to drive factor I must say a beefy rear anti roll bar is a great addition to the ILX. Stock bay is a measly 13mm and the new Progress bar is much more beefy at 22mm and also comes with poly inserts instead of the rubber ones OEM bars have.

Price is another deciding factor on many modifications people place on their cars and I must say Progress Technologies pricing is beyond reasonable too. The non adjustable bar that I reviewed above retails for $182.75 while comparable bars are close to $250.00 from other manufactures, for that price you can upgrade to their 24mm bar that is adjustable to three different settings ($276.25).

Coil-over review should be coming within the next two months and once its on the car I will post pics and give a review of them as well.

Glad to see more manufactures getting products for our cars and specially ones that are affordable and don't skimp on quality to be affordable Great Job Progress!
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