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New 2013 ILX Hybid w/Tech pkg owner from NYC

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Happy Memorial day everyone,

I recently traded in my 2007 TL and leased a 2013 ILX hybrid 2 weeks ago. It takes a bit getting use to with the engine shutting off at full stops but overall the vehicle was running great until last
night when it wouldn't start after I had just put gas in it. Since this is just an introduction thread I will post full details on the proper thread.
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The engine shutting off is NOT something to get used to. You mean to tell us your car has fully shut off at a light more than once?
its a hybrid. so that means that the engine turns off and it is only electric power when at a stop, at least for a few moments. right?
That's horrible. I hope there aren't any problems with your charging system and it's just you not being used to how a hybrid system works, although I think you would by now.
Keep us posted!

Have you stopped by the dealership to see what they had to say? It would be the first place I go with concerns like that.
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