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Picked up my Metallic Grey 2.4L 6-Speed ILX Premium with 27 miles!

I will get some REAL pictures up ASAP.

Alloy wheel Vehicle Tire Wheel Rim

Background: This is my first time being the first owner of a vehicle. I previously had a 2009 Tech TSX and before it a 2003 Cobra.. so anyone looking for a unbiased opinion just ask away!

Inspiration: I bought this car because I don't necessarily need the extra space from the TSX.. the TSX was REALLY boring. The ILX seems to find the happy point of practicality (which is why I moved away from the Cobra) and fun without going into a true sports car. I plan to tint the windows @ 20%, lower the car, get some 18" rims, add limited slip diff, and eventually (given they finish it) install a CT-E supercharger.. Hopefully this can be a modest mid-point for me and will last me at least 7 years. :cool:

Location: Fort Worth, TX
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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