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Front end was done with a Mugen Accord lower front bumper and grill with yellow fog lights.
OEM Jewel Eye headlights from the RDX slimmed down for the ILX lines and cleared corner lamps.
Mugen TSX side skirts and window visors.
ILX was also lowered and stock wheels stanced out and somewhere between 18/19in.

Rear was done by adding a gloss black roof and VIP style rear window visor.
Blacked out Acura badge and Type S badge from I have no idea.
Lower bumper, diffuser, exhaust, and widened stance are stolen from a Brabus Mercedes.

This is clearly just a photoshop I did to show some potential of what a highly customized ILX could look like.
Match that with a 2.4L turbo set up with a more aggressive engine build and the ILX would be a show stopper. :euro:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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