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Mods to your ILX?

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Did anyone do any kind of mods to your ILX? I know this isn't the typical car for that kind of stuff. But I thought it might be fun to do something. Has anyone done any work on their suspensions or done any kind of body work to their ILXs?
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Look and you shall find.
Search the site and lurk a little before you post topics asking vague questions because chances are your answer if out there already.
We have a suspension section so if thats what youre wondering about go find the suspension section and youll see a few threads already.

Sorry if that all sounded a bit brash. Your question is just kind of obvious if you were in the right area of these forums. I say this because I have come from a few forums and we will quickly have pointless threads if we dont search before posting.

Yes most all of us plan on tuning our ilx. One user has posted someone elses lowered ilx but that is all so far I believe.

Wheels/Suspension >
Engine and other tech >
Appearance >

Hope that helps.
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Ive done a few mods, PRL Motorsports turbo kit, rbc IM, BC Racing Coilovers, 1330 CC injectors, DW300c pump
I've done a few.
Polished Enkei TS9s with brake dust shields, 'B' pillar, grille bar and eyebrows wrapped in 3m carbon fiber look, satin black wrap on roof and part of trunk, Si sway bars, cat back, A-Spec underbody spoilers, diffuser, and CTR side skirts. Did an intake but didn't like what it did to the oil analysis, so removed it. Mostly hoe-made.


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