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I swapped my rear turn signal and reverse bulbs on my 2022 ILX. Below are the bulbs I used (with Amazon affiliate links)

Turn Signals:
Besbul 7440 7443 LED Bulb Amber with Turbo Fan

Here's a video of the turn signals. On the right is the new LED bulb and on the left is the old incandescent one. I like that the new ones are brighter and seem to fill out the whole reflector whereas the old incandescent ones looked like they only filled out half.

I wanted LED turn signals on my ILX but I didn't want to deal with resistors. I found that they sell bulbs with integrated resistors but when you read through the comments it seems that they overheat if they've been active for several minutes. I thought that these bulbs from Besbul were innovative since they include a small fan on the tip to draw the heat away. If you put your head close enough to the housing you can hear the fan. If you're not right next to it, you can barely hear it. I think it's a useful feature to verify that the fans are still working.

Reverse bulbs:
2022 Upgraded 912 921 LED Bulb Reverse Lights, OXILAM Backup Light Bulbs
These also a daylight white and very bright. I like that they light up the area behind the car more so than the stock ones. A major reason that I chose these is because they have an integrated circuit board rather than wires for providing power to the bulb. I've noticed a higher failure/complaint rate on the ones that use wires. Check the Amazon listing for a photo of the bulb. I didn't think to take one before installing them.

Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Automotive tire

License Plate and Trunk LED:
1T10 194 Bulbs, 168 Led, 12v Bright 6500K 11SMD 5630 Chipset 2825 W5W Interior Light Led Bulbs
These are a daylight white, very bright and really improve the look of the car at night. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of this at the moment so I'll try to take one later and update this post.
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