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Hey everyone, first time trying the ILX. Glad to be here

I put down 1000, and have a 309 a month lease for the Premium Package. I feel I got a very good deal. Pix will be included soon. I got the car in Graphite Grey and at first before I saw it in person, I wasn't sure I would like the color. I wanted black or white. When I saw it though, wow it looked beautiful.

I am getting used to the low ceiling on the car though. I am 5'8 and still feel if I sit up completely straight, my head could touch the ceiling.

I am coming from a very old 1998 accord, and back in 2006 I had a 2006 TSX.

So is there anything special I should know about the car? Any secret things I could use inside lol. Any must have added Accessory?

I ordered some Tire Locks from online. Do not want my car on milk crates one day lol

Is this car easy to steal? I only ask because you need the key fob to start it.

Do you have any recommendation for the audio settings? I have the sub and have it almost at its highest but I am not really feeling the bump I should. Does the system need to be broken in?

Also Acura wants to charge me 380 to tint the car. I feel that is high. Is that a correct assumption?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to wrap my head around everything.

Overall, I am very happy.
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