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Wheel specs?
lol Id fill you in Sumo but he asked me not to say. :hiphop::hiphop::hiphop:

Looks great Aaron. Any order on whats coming next? Shit needs some tint.

And round those damn corners out around the exhaust!! Shit looks ghetto right now.

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Thanks guys. Tint and centercaps are on the list but probably won't get touched anytime soon. Front splitter sitting aside, and waiting to rivet my rear diffuser together.

As far as you guys should be expecting this year...
Rear sway bar
Ssr centercaps & powdercoating the wheels
Better coils
Aero kit
Of course the splitter and diffuser
Titanium burnt quad tips
Some carbon fiberz if vis releases anything

Possible maybes~
Big brake kit
Work vsxx or ccw's
3inch exhaust all the way back
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