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Iridium spark plugs for the 2.0, rear deck and dash speakers?

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Hey, all.

Just 2 quick questions:

1) Any iridium spark plugs for the 2.0 other than the Autolite XP5701 (which seem to be out of stock even online)

2) What size are the rear deck speakers? I just have the sub.

3) What size is the dash "surround-sound" speaker?

Just looking to beef up the sound...

Nuff said.

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Anybody swap out the sub?

What did you use? How many ohms?
Her's a link to the details of the ELS system, from the pic they look pretty small, like 4 or 5 inch maybe, as the door speakers are 6.5's

Panasonic ELS Surround Premium Car Audio - Acura ILX - PASA
Thanks, 13-Premium.

I actually found that after posting.

Thanks for replying.

Nuff said.

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