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Invidia Q300 Catback installed 2021 ILX

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9th Gen Civic Si Invidia Q300 catback. Bolts up fine. A 98% match for the ILX but the shop had to heat the pipe before the muffler and pull at the tip to get the exhaust tip perfectly on center (the tip was pulling towards drivers side and rubbing the valence). I had an idea something like this would be the case- this is why I didn’t bolt it up myself.

Sounds great. Throaty and performance sounding with some pops when letting off the gas. Not loud or annoying. No drone.

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Glad to hear that you had a good experience with the Invidia Q300 catback exhaust on your 9th Gen Civic Si. It's great to hear that the exhaust system sounds great and doesn't have any annoying drone. The fact that the shop had to heat and pull the pipe before the muffler to get the tip centered is not uncommon, as sometimes slight adjustments need to be made during installation to ensure a proper fit. Overall, it seems like you made a good choice in upgrading your exhaust system. Enjoy the improved performance and sound!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts