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Hi forum, my name is John Glass, I am an engineer at R2C Performance Products in Vernon Hills, Illinois. We are looking to develop a new intake for the 2.4L ILX and are looking for help from a vehicle owner in the Chicago/Northern Illinois area. If you would be interested in helping out we would ask you to make a series of visits to our office with your vehicle, you are able to stick around and watch the entire process, we will not ask you to leave your car here nor will we ask to drive your vehicle for any reason.

The first visit would allow us to take a 3D image of your engine bay to use during the design process along with taking critical measurements of engine components.

Second (and maybe third) visit would be to fit-up a working prototype onto your vehicle to check fitment. This can usually stay on your vehicle and will provide the same benefits as the final intake.

Final visit will allow us to install the final production model onto your vehicle and take installation photos to be used on the website as well as the installation instructions. You can then keep the final product in your choice of finish.

If anyone is interested in participating or has any questions about the process or R2C Performance feel free to email me at [email protected]. I can only accept one volunteer so I will attempt to contact those in the order I receive email responses.

Thanks forum,
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