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ILX success in Canada and US

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The ILX is a new model for the US market. The last thing it could possibly relate to replacing is the Acura Integra or Acura RSX. Which is arguably not even comparable. In Canada they had the Acura CSX. The ILX seems like a much more suitable upgrade to the CSX as they are both upgraded versions of the Civic chassis. I think we can sort of gauge the success of the ILX in Canada based off the CSX. In terms of the success in America. That's not as easily predictable. From an enthusiasts point of view the ILX has gotten some negative criticism for not being very sporty (people are basing it off the RSX and Integra).

I think from a Canadian point of view vs a American point of view. The ILX represents a different vehicle. Anyone have any input on this? :eek:

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