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ILX Coupe vs Scion FR-S

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This is something for ya!

When and if Acura releases the coupe:

The ILX coupe is apparently succeding the RSX which suceeds the Integra.

So you could say the ILX coupe is aimed to be a sports car.

The Scion FR-S was just released. Also 4 cylinder. Around 200hp.

These are both economy sports cars aimed to be under 30K.

They are both Japanese cars. 4 cylinder 6 speed coupes.

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Sports car vs Family Sedan...

maybe if they come out with the Type S Model sporting their K24 motor that is found in the 9th Generation Civic, but in all honesty it may be the same crowd, But hands down the FR-S if i wasnt planning on having a family or kids in the near feature. but too bad for that...
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