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I purchased my 2014 ILX 2.0 on August 12, 2013. Over the past month, we put on over 4,000 miles on a road trip from Seattle to Reno, the Bay Area, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, and Ashland, Oregon. The car road beautifully, and we averaged 35 MPG combined highway and in town driving. Acuras sell at a higher average against competition than in other areas of the US. Acura has overtaken Audi as the fourth best selling luxury marque for the 2013 year. According to, the top six luxury brands sold for the year ending August 2013, are Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Cadillac, Acura, and Audi. I was surprised to see that Acura has (quietly?) passed Audi in sales. If you want to see the sales data, see USA Auto Sales Brand Rankings - August 2013 YTD - GOOD CAR BAD CAR If you want to see the breakdown of Acura model sales for the same period, see Acura Sales 2013 - Acura Connected

I sold my 2006 BMW 325i, which I bought new in June 2005. While my ILX is not a BMW, I am very satisfied with it.
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