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How Much Will Your 2013 Acura ILX Cost? Build & Price It Here

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Acura launched a build and price page for the ILX, check it out in the link below and post the ILX you built below:

Acura ILX Build & Price ->
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i went with the ILX 6-Speed manual with premium package in Bellanova White Pearl and added...

all season protection package

- front, rear & side underbody spoiler
- deck lid spoiler
- door edge film
- car cover
- illuminated door sill trim
- cargo net

with destination im looking at $33,329!
mines around the same,.. a bit pricey though!
so i priced out the ilx hybrid with some accessories I wanted and it's getting pretty close to $40k, after taxes and other fee's the ILX hybrid can easily run to low $40's.
maybe i'll hold off on the hybrid model.
Hybrids are more expensive, Im just not sure how much you actually save in the end.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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