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HomeLink Addition to 2014

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I plan on purchasing a 2014 ILX Base model. I have previously owned a CL, and 2 TSXes. All had homelink.

I would like to add Homelink after purchase without getting the TECH package.

Can we purchase the TECH part? Or perhaps a Honda Part?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Seems like it. Acura Homelink: Car & Truck Parts | eBay
But doesnt it need to be wired to the battery? And it seems like the ones with sunglasses holders should fit into the roof.
As well, a lot look to have sunroof control which would need to be wired as well I assume.
Not sure how theyd work out but good luck.

Maybe something aftermarket like this...
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Thanks I will consider that.
I would say go aftermarket, you just might find something like what honda has to offer, but better
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