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I just purchased my awesome Acura ILX all white . I love it so far even thou i kind of miss my 04 TL .Hope to meet with some of you who are down to chill on the DC area or NYC . :punk:

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Is that pearl i see in the paint or just a reflection of light? Looks good though!
Its pearl .Thanks. Looks awesome i cant wait to start hooking it up some. Dont know how to start :ninja: What color do you have ?
I love the Bellanova White Pearl, LOOKING GREAT! Congratulations on joining the ILX family and welcome to our forum!
congrats on the new purchase and welcome!
Congrats and welcome
What do you miss about your TL?

It was my first car/First love . I would never forget her lol
Welcome :)

Any plans for modifications?
For now i plan on 1. Window tint 20% or less all around. 2.Lowering it 3. Get some new rims maybe 19'
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