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Have any of you bought parts for the ilx from ebay before?

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Just found these two things from ebay and wondering how dependable ebay is.


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Yea why not. If you give Curry Acura a call they will ship you OEM parts at a great price. I buy my OEM stuff from Curry Acura.

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There's 2 people selling rear spoilers for the ILX. Any professional advise? there's 2 types. a factory looking one and another like a lip. I was thinking of the small lip. The factory one makes the rear look like a lexus. What do you think?
I never bought any body kits or add ons like that, but I have picked up a bunch of stuff. Ebay is great, just check the seller before you buy and youll be fine
I only use Ebay for diecast collectables
I just picked up a spoiler from a dealer that was selling on eBay. I called the dealer and asked if they would give me the same price at the dealership. They agreed and they installed it for me.
Ill be using Ebay for alot of what ill get for this car as the dealer wants way!!!!!! to much for the optional kit........hopefully someone brings out a lip kit soon so that we all have some choice as far as exterior goes......i do like the rear spolier though with the chrome accent its nice, may paint that with palsti-dip see how it looks
Ebay is a good resource to check for parts, sometimes you may find things on their you won't find anywhere else. Ebay is worth a look
Just make sure the seller has a good rating, read any bad reviews that way you can determine on your own if it was mostly the buyer or sellers fault.. Sometimes buyers give bad reviews even if the product was advertised and handled by the seller properly.
Ebay usually labels top rated sellers so you should be safe with those. If not make sure they have very high feedback percentage.

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Was thinkin of a spoiler and came across this one. What do you guy think? safe to get or pass?

$115.59 and comes painted with free shipping

Acura ILX All Models Flexible Moulding Painted Spoiler Wing Trim 2013 2014 | eBay
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