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Unfortunately, for my self, after much thought and regret I have come to the difficult decision to sell my CT-E Supercharger. It has never even experienced the sweet smell of the road. In other terms it has never been installed to my, or any other, vehicle. Though I have pulled the product from the box to thoroughly examine it, all the original packaging is present, and the Supercharger itself is immaculate. I overlooked the manual, the injectors, and the actual supercharger, however I did not remove any of the bubble wrapping from any of the accompanying parts (e.i. injectors). In addition I have left all of the tape on the manifold, as previously mentioned the product is brand new.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is wrong with the product. I purchased it from HeelToe Automotive and I have made the decision to try and regain my money, as I am moving to a new location soon. This is not an item that I am willing to burn a hole in my pocket to sell.. my price is FIRM and FAIR.

This package is including the standard package with the Stage 2 injectors (special ordered with this package to make a swap to 3.15" easier/cheaper for long term) and a 3.6" pulley.

My price is $3500 + shipping. Another benefit to keep in mind is that I waited from April to June to receive mine, so if the wait is any much as long as that.. you'll get this one much faster.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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