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February 2012 Sales Result for Acura

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Acura’s line of sedans met a February overall sales of 6,612 units, up 26%, with the TSX sports sedan edging out the TL as Acura’s top selling car.

The light truck sales were 4,646 (down 17.2 percent) led by strong sales of the MDX luxury SUV. Acura monthly sales were 11,258 units (up 0.1%) and year-to-year sales totaled 19,639 (up 2.6%).
“2012 is starting off strong for Acura,” said Jeff Conrad, Acura vice president of sales. “With a new RDX and an all-new ILX arriving in the Spring, Acura sales are expected to increase significantly.”
The best Acura selling car in February was the TSX sports sedan with 3,373 units (up 15.9%), followed by the TL luxury sedan with 3,211 units (up 26%). Acura’s best selling model remained the MDX luxury SUV with 3,583 units (down 10.5%), followed by the RDX crossover SUV with 1,007 units (down 28.1%)
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Acura did a much better job on the current generation Acura TSX and TL. TSX looks to be worth a lot more than it actually is, seems to have more European-like design going on which works really well on it.
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