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2014 Acura ILX - with dealer installed remote 2 way starter.

Location: Montreal, Quebec - cold weather - climate - car in service 28 may 2014

Driver: female , drives about 20 km each days / about 40 minutes.

Feb 2015 - mileage 7410km - fails to start in -20c weather - had to jump start the battery. Brought it to the dealer. They tell me the car isn't driven enough to allow the battery to charge, and i should consider installing one of those NOCCO trickle battery chargers.

Mar 2015 - mileage 7750km - fails again - back to the dealer - they check the battery - their service records, indicate- weak battery. They change the battery - RHA64-5HJJG 12.62V 223/410CCA

They go to great lengths to indicate on the service records, that due to the low mileage the battery does not charge - and the client has been advised to install an intelligent battery charger to maintain the battery. (covering their butts)

Winter 2015 is over -

Feb 16, 2016 - mileage 16936km - weather -20c fails to start. Read on some forums that the remote starter might be an issue (doubted it but) - so i had the dealer remove the car remote starter - (naturally they want to charge me to remove it - ...after I finished laughing - I said , go to talk to someone and make the fees go away) - - no charge for the removing. - the test the battery - fails to hold a charge ; garage code: R3A70-DR2JG.

Feb 29, 2016 - cold day - but not -20c - only -5c - car feels weak when it does start - strongly suspect the battery is draining itself - and if we have another very cold day (-20c) , i think car won't start.

Additional : Got 2 other opinions - local GoodYear garage - told me the mileage is enough - 20 km everyday - is enough to maintain the battery - and that an intelligent batt. charger is for people that don't drive the car everyday - if it stayed put for 3 or 4 days - and we had very cold weather - you might have a problem.

Another ACURA dealer (closer to my house) - went and spoke with service guy - he listened quite attentively - then he told me the same thing - 20 km everyday - is enough driving to charge the car - plus car is running for 45 min . to 1 hour - each day (traffic) - he also told me that they had seen 4 ILX cars in the last few days with fail to start issue.

If that wasn't enough - my mother bought the same car - one month after my wife bought her ILX - my mom is 78 years old and does half the mileage my wife does. Her car is parked indoors - condo. She does not drive everyday. Recently her car failed to start also - her local acura dealer changed her battery also - they said absolutely nothing about her mileage being an issue - or being the reason why the battery failed.

I think there is something engineered poorly with the electrical system of this car - and that acura and the dealers are aware of it - but they play the denial game - pass the buck game.

The car is a lease - 4 years - on previous leased cars, we would buy out the lease if the car was in good shape and didn't give us any problems - At this point i don't see myself buying this car after the lease is over.

Frustrated beyond belief - and feeling like my local Acura dealer isn't really interested to solve my problem - just blames the low mileage and add intelligent charger. (which he is the only one saying the mileage is an issue and the charger idea)

Any ideas >. similar experiences - PLEASE POST ...

My next step is to write a letter to ACURA CANADA - and see what they will say.

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