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Do you use any oil additives like oil stabilizers?

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Seeing as I was just asking in a previous thread about your favorite brand of oil. I got really curious about oil additives. Have you ever used it? Do you like it? Does it actually make a difference? So many
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I would never use any additives it would be point less it does more harm than good!
ive heard of people swearing by lucas oil oil stablizers. but personally i dont have any first hand experience with them nor do i plan on using any oil additives.
I used it before.....made my oil too thin. I started hearing a knock in my engine so I did an oil change with fresh oil and the knock went away. Never gonna use it again. Not worth the risk of damaging your motor.
Thankfully I asked you guys before I even decided to use it. I would've just wasted my money on nothing.
good otherwise you might of have ended up with a blown motor on your hands!
I never use anything in my oil.
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