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Day-by-Day Review: 2013 Acura ILX Dynamic; Day 1

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Day-by-Day Review: 2013 Acura ILX Dynamic; Day 2
Looks like most of my readers in the forums have already pointed out the ILX’s interior features and details. Yes, this vehicle is similar to a Civic, but it is larger, and no, it does not have the two-tier display like the Civic, as you can see. Acura has tried to differentiate this vehicle more so than it did with the CSX, most likely because this one is targeted at the US market, where as the CSX was only available in Canada.

The single-piece folding back seat is a disappointment. Cost-wise it really can’t be much more expensive to put in a split-folding seat, and in a luxury marque, you would expect small details like to be hashed out. My co-worker used to own a TSX, and he was interested in the car, but then complained about rear headroom: he’s 5’10″ and his head was hitting the headliner in the back seat. I didn’t find this to be an issue, but I guess I’m short(er).
My other half, on the other hand, thought the ILX was an SUV — yup you read that right. She was sitting in the passenger seat, looked back at the backseats and said, wow this thing is gigantic! So your mileage may vary.

I noticed today that the ILX Dynamic does not have a limited slip differential. Although most won’t care, I noticed a lot of throttle-on understeer. I also noted the nice hill-holder feature, which is unobtrusive but works really well to prevent the vehicle from rolling back on a hill.

So far, my only complaint is the 3,200 rpm engine speed at 120km/h. That is a little excessive for a “luxury” vehicle with a six-speed transmission!

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3200 RPM going 120KM/H is high but lately I've been seeing a ton of newer 4 cylinder engines pushing that much on the highway. Maybe the reviewer is used to driving 6 cylinder vehicles?
For my wife it flat out issues, no complaints only compliments from her co-workers. I thinks it's the most handsome car in the 2013 Acura line-up; although I would like to see a Type-S variant soon
I think he overstates the engine's buzziness at highway speeds. I don't hear it much at all even up to 80mph. It's only buzzy when higher in the rev range, like under acceleration or going up fairly steep hills. It is a little annoying then, but hardly the end of the world.
I find it more of a classy entry sedan which it is. the line are attractive, But im also wondering the same thing. How come there is no type s line. And for a car like this i wouldnt mind seeing some options for power, as in different engine setups.
With the 2013 Euro Type-R getting a 300hp turbo engine, why not that combo in an ILX with SH-AWD ?

I'd say perfect urban assault weapon :cool:
With the 2013 Euro Type-R getting a 300hp turbo engine, why not that combo in an ILX with SH-AWD ?

I'd say perfect urban assault weapon :cool:
You also have to factor in what it would cost. 6-speed manual with premium package is already at $30k, SH-AWD might be another $5k, then a turbo add-on can easily bring the price up to $40k! Some people can't justify spending $40k on a entry level Acura
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