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Dashboard Warning Lights - Common Myths and Truth

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We know that a flashing light on the dashboard can send shivers through even the most experienced drivers, but what do these warnings really mean? Can you ignore some and prioritize others? And if so, which ones should get your attention first?

From "check engine" to "oil change needed" our new article helps you differentiate between common indicators—setting out exactly when and why you should have them checked.

Read the full article at CARiD:
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Since we are to warning lights does anyone have this problem with the Acura ilx 2022, with the gas tank light doesn't light up when the car doesn't have gas and Its needs to refill it doesn't work even when the gas really goes down and I need to refill? I'm having a first-time acura and I ma little struggling with little things if anyone can give me a tip I don't believe it's a big problem in general, so did anyone have this kind of problem? and how it deals with it, I hope all are enjoying the Acura really good car it is for the first time for me but I'm really enjoying it. Have a really great time with ur cars.
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