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Custom Navigation?

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Hey everyone, just bought me a new 2.4L ILX a few weeks ago.
Of course like most others, I was disappointing that the 2.4L didn't have the tech package option.
But I just couldn't pass up the 2.4L 6-Speed just for the Navi and the sound system.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has attempted to custom install an aftermarket Navi or has bought an
Acura factory Navi and tried installing it themselves.
It's a project I really want to attempt, but would like to see if anyone else has done it yet and maybe get some pointers.
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Standard navi in Canada = WIN!

It's probably because Nav units are what canadians really want and something that makes them more inclined to buy a car.
Hmmm. Well question is do you want a navi on that small premium screen or a full tech navi set up?
Problem is the tech package has a completely different center console. You are completely missing the destination button the techs have so a factory navi I figure is out of the question.

You may be able to set up a double din but Im not sure if you can set that up to the console controls and wheel controls.
You could get a touch screen but that would be a pretty far stretch for easy use.

Those are the best ideas I can think up.
Probably be easier to swap the k24 and tranny into a tech model :p
question, what if replacing the premium oem with the tech pakg navi screen and radio would that work? has anyone done it or is it not compatible? you can find both fairly cheap.
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